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Data quality can seem straightforward — after all, isn’t it either correct or incorrect? Not necessarily.

Information may have a wide range of consistency problems that go beyond the true or false binary. This is especially important while web scraping. When you need tons of information for your project, getting reliable, high-quality data is critical to success.

The significance of data accuracy cannot be overstated because it is one of the most critical aspects of its quality. All data you have must be reliable, as it is this that lends prestige to the business. …

“Stop comparing yourself to others” is the best advice a parent can give. But in the business world, this quote can be more harmful than helpful.

In today’s dynamic business climate, the consumer experience stands as the modern frontline.

Although many businesses recognize the value of providing excellent customer service, there is still a significant difference in customer expectations and company standards.

Far more than raising product ratings or reducing the waiting time is at stake in its relationship with the consumers. An insightful understanding of the consumer’s journey entails discovering what consumers go through from the very first moment…

You have probably put a significant amount of time and effort into creating and sustaining your brand; but how much of your work is dedicated towards protecting what you’ve built up to this point? Of course, you have paid all of your taxes and have already dealt with all the necessary bureaucracy, however, assuring that your online presence is safeguarded is a common pitfall.

And that brings us to a modern and efficient option for protecting your brand on the world wide web — web scraping.

Market analysis, product page intelligence and ad testing are all terms that people equate…

Oftentimes, the job of a digital marketer is far from easy. A well-crafted product is no longer a guarantee of success.

A new array of tech possibilities enters the scene at a rapid pace, and the old ways of brand development are keeping businesses staggering behind their competitors.

We all know that information means power, and, thanks to the Internet, we now have a better way to gather data — web scraping. Marketers around the globe are now filtering data and making sure to filter it smart. Here’s why.

When it comes to research and development, knowledge is the very…

Web scraping. Friend or foe?

If this concept is news to you, I bet that you possess an arsenal of questions. The truth is that web harvesting treats you as well as you choose to approach it.

Web scraping and data analytics are proving to be critical drivers of market growth in a variety of sectors nowadays. I suppose the strategic analysis and market knowledge obtained from scraped data are just too tempting to pass up.

With the massive amount of data currently available, compiling it without the help of an advanced scraping solution is close to impossible.

Check out…

If you are a marketer too, you know that it has always been a challenge for us to rise above the competition or industry’s noise and succeed. Having a decent product or service isn’t enough to keep us on top of the game and lead the market. Why?

Because before executing a solid strategy, a lot of planning, research, and analysis is needed. Basically, a lot of preparation is required.

Speaking of research and analysis, we can admit that these are the core steps of building an effective strategy. In order to follow these steps, a lot of information is…

Talking about web scraping can take a while. It is a niche subject and not many people actually know much about it. A friendly chat can wind up with many misunderstandings and disagreements.

Within people that run and talk web scraping, this one question will often arise: Is what I’m doing actually legal? Is web scraping legal, or am I conducting a felony?

This topic I will address in the paragraphs to follow. Trying to prove that with minimal care, web scraping is legal, but of course, there are some rules that you can’t break.

Let’s find out how to…

The days of doing business in a traditional way are long gone. Digitalization has definitely changed the way companies work nowadays.

Many companies realized that data is a valuable resource used to develop cutting-edge business solutions, strategies, and activities. We can almost say that companies became dependent on the power of data. And rightly so, because its analysis leads to the development of innovative products, high-performance services, improved processes, and many other advantages.

But how can businesses benefit from the secrets of web data, especially since a considerable volume is needed to draw relevant conclusions? …

Keeping up with the new trends and the latest information is a must when it comes to media, advertising, or marketing.

Any company, whether talking about agencies or corporations, wants to be on top of the game. And that’s pretty obvious because usually, this type of businesses anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens, predicting what’s going to be famous before it pops.

But how can you always be the star of the show and not miss any topic, news, or trend? One of the most innovative ways is web scraping.

We all know that data is key and…

Web scraping to extract various amounts of data over the Internet is a valuable information gathering technique. I am sure you’ve heard of the term API and how popular such tools are among developers.

In this article, I will talk about how using an API for web scraping is a better way to get things done and what features make it so special.

If you are ready to start this journey alongside me, let’s begin with the basics of what an API is and why developers use them.

What is an API How web scraping APIs work The most important…

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